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MRI-Compatible Sacral Neuromodulation Now Available for Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction

In the past, certain patients with overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome and fecal incontinence (FI) couldn't receive sacral neuromodulation because of their need for MRIs. Why? Well, the first sacral...

Understanding BRCA Gene Mutations & Prostate Cancer

Most people have probably heard of BRCA gene mutations, particularly when it comes to women and breast cancer/ovarian cancer. (In 2013, the actress Angelina Jolie increased BRCA awareness when she...

Greater Boston Urology: Best of 2019

Every December, we reflect on the year that was—while looking ahead to the next twelve months. Of course, the end of 2019 (!) is doubly special in that it also marks the end of the second decade...

3 Tips for Choosing Nutritional Supplements

Patients often ask questions about nutritional supplements. Do they work? Should they take them? The answer, of course, is "it depends"—and it depends on a wide variety of factors at that. Even if...

November is National Bladder Health Awareness Month

November is National Bladder Health Awareness Month. In an effort to give people as much information as possible on issues related to bladder health, we're providing a current "roundup" below of...

Movember 2019: Let's End Prostate Cancer & Testicular Cancer for Good!

Editor's note: This article was reviewed and updated on October 31, 2019.

This month, it's all about "pogontrophy"—the art of growing a beard (and moustaches and sideburns, too).

See, for over a...

Integrative Men's Health: 3 Myths about Urological Care

Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord is a men's health expert specializing in erectile dysfunction, sexual medicine, urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain. He takes a holistic integrative approach to urologic...

How Dr. Johnson Uses Coloplast Products in Her Urogynecology Practice

Coloplast develops and manufactures medical devices and services for "intimate healthcare needs." (You can learn more about the company on its website.) 

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